Renovated Kitchen

The most popular place in the apartment is the kitchen. Here the whole family, for a meal and discussed the news of the day. The kitchen space should be comfortable for each family member. The functionality of this room should be emphasized and interior design.


Classic apartment renovation involves a large investment of money in the living room and bedrooms and unreasonable savings at the finish of the kitchen. The problem of small size conventional kitchen can be resolved by the redevelopment. In this way you can fulfill the dream of many Housewives to increase the area of the kitchen. On the other hand, if redevelopment during the repair of apartments is not possible, some tricks will help to make the kitchen stylish and comfortable.


Usually the kitchen space is divided into two zones: the working and dining. The materials used in the finish of the working area must be suitable for wet cleaning. The best solution is to use during the repair, tile, washable Wallpaper with a vinyl or fiberglass. When choosing materials, it is useful to imagine how it is possible to clean the surface from grease and dirt, peculiar to the kitchen.


The dining area can be allocated, having laid with laminate flooring. Instead of the traditional table can be a stylish bar, and over the area can be arranged on the back light.


Manufacturers greatly facilitate the repair of apartments, creating a convenient and suitable to any interior pieces of furniture. First of all, special attention is paid to the design of kitchen units. For the modern kitchen create cabinets with doors of frosted or translucent glass. This design decision simplifies the interior and adds light to the space. Cabinet fronts can be made in different colors. Often decorated with designer furniture patterns, photos or prints. The modern system of sliding shelves is definitely the main advantage of modern kitchens.


The main working surface in the kitchen is the counter top. Its width and height should be convenient for all types of food preparation, from chopping to making the dough. Unfortunately, the repair of apartments in typical houses of the old sample is not able to fulfill all requests due to the small size of room. In particular in the kitchen often have to abandon a convenient counter top length. But even in this case, you can choose the most comfortable furniture.


The design of the apron, i.e. the section of the wall from counter tops to cabinets, has undergone some changes. If classic apartment renovation involved the apron of tile, we are now using seamless finishing methods solid panels of glass, marble or heat-resistant plastic.


The hob is a four burner stove, therefore, its minimum width is 80 cm in Addition to traditional plates manufacturers offer cook tops glass ceramic and induction cookers, consuming less power. You can pick up a plate, combine different systems: gas and electric burners, electric and induction.


Fashion trend interior decoration using light has not spared the kitchen. Multilevel design of ceiling lamps in different sizes and colors, niches with lighting have both functional and aesthetic value to the interior of the kitchen.



Manufacturers and designers will do for you all to feast with family and friends was held in a warm atmosphere of a cozy kitchen.

We can in addition to perform complex repair of apartments and the renovation of the kitchen separately without resettlement. Extensive experience allows our specialists to carry out all repairs correctly and in a short time.


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